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Why Renwick Real Estate?

Professional Brokers

We are passionate about business brokering and real estate, we pride ourselves in professionalism and integrity with a commitment to honesty, fair and ethical business practices.

Estate Agency Affairs Board

We are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and we operate in compliance with the Estate Agency Affairs Act and Code of Conduct regulated by the board.

Business Acquisition Services

We assist buyers at acquiring low risk, high return business and property investments based on their specific requirements in terms of industry, turnover, profits, market opportunity.

Business Valuations

We offer business valuation services for any type of business entity of any size (listed or non-listed, partnerships, business trusts, close corporations and sole proprietors).

Access to Finance

We assist buyers and sellers through a series of third party financial solutions, including debt and equity finance from banks, government agencies and private investors.

Management Consulting

We offer “pre” and “post-sales” solutions to help sellers achieve the best returns when selling their business and to help buyers achieve growth in their newly acquired businesses.

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